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"Drink with chasers, eat borsch, and respect babushkas!" — The Sun gives advice to British tourists who go to the World Cup in Russia
SOURCE: Russia, The World
DATE: May 14, 2018

World  Cup 2018 Russia

Krasnodar will host some of the World Cup 2018 games.

Before the start of the World Cup, the British tabloid The Sun prepared a memo for English fans who are going to visit Russian stadiums. We collected some of the recommendations.

— Do not stand near the bar, waving a banknote as you do in your pub. Do not try to skip the line, sit down, and you'll be served.

— We, the British, are known for the complete lack of self-control when it comes to drinking. Meanwhile, Russians are known for their love of vodka. Put them together and you will get a deadly combination.

— Do not be surprised that in Russia almost nobody smiles. Do not worry — locals only seem unfriendly, because Russians do not tend to display emotions. People leave them for friends and family. In fact, Russians are very soft inside once they get to know and trust you.

— Eat something when you drink. Russians always have zakuski (chasers) for vodka: pickled vegetables, dry ham, fish and cheese.

— Do not order imported vodka at the bar — it's too expensive. It is better to order something simpler — "Husky", "Russian Standard" or "Beluga".

— If you drink with Russians, be ready to toast often. Drinking without a toast is impolite. A toast can be about anything that you wish to be good: health, friendship, success, fortune, etc.

— It is not necessary to drink vodka in one straight shot, you can sip it too. Remember that vodka is very strong. Do not mix vodka and beer, you'll get really drunk and may suffer the next day.

— If you got a hangover, then borsch (beets soup) will help you get rid of it. It may not look attractive, but vitamin C will save you from a hangover.

— Be polite. If you were invited to visit a Russian house, take off your shoes. You will most likely be offered slippers.

— Respect the elderly, especially elderly ladies (babushkas). In public transport no one will ask you to get up, but if you give way to someone older than you, it will be viewed as a right thing to do.

— Do not try to compete with the locals in the amount of vodka you can drink. They have a different culture of drinking. The Russians will most likely outdrink you.




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Urban Comfort Ranking Puts Krasnodar in the Lead
SOURCE : The Moscow Time
DATE : October 28, 2013

Krasnodar defended its title as Russia's most comfortable city in 2012, according to a recent rating compiled by the Urbanity Institute and the Russian Union of Architects, Vedomosti reported.

St. Petersburg placed 19th on the list while Moscow fell from seventh position to 48th.

The researchers ranked the 100 largest cities in the country based on the quality of the local urban environment and the cost of living.

Krasnodar's consistent performance is explained by the large amount of federal funding that is sent to the area. Up to 50 percent of the federal budget earmarked for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi is going to Krasnodar Krai.

Krasnodar has one of the largest construction rates and is a leader in individual home ownership, according to the Russian Union of Engineers.

The union compiled its own rating in 2012 where cities were judged based on their population dynamics, transportation infrastructure, accommodation, economy and the residents' financial wellbeing. The cities that came out on top included Voronezh, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg. Krasnodar was deemed as having great potential for future growth.

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Krasnodar in 2012
SOURCE : Krasnodar
DATE : November 15, 2012

The XI International Investment Forum "Sochi-2012" culminated with signing of dozens of agreements totaling 106 billion rubles ($3.3 billion), says the press service of the city administration. "More than half of the documents signed are more or less related to the development of the urban environment, the construction of new facilities".

In 2012 Krasnodar had planned for repair of 111 roads. Work is currently underway on 30 streets.

Krasnodar became a leader in providing citizens with retail space (square meters per thousand inhabitants) according to a report from Cushman & Wakefield.

Thousands new trees and shrubs are going to be planted in Krasnodar in November. The slogan to rally the people is "Love your city - plant a tree." More than 35 thousand trees and shrubs prepared for free distribution to citizens.

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Krasnodar construction boom
SOURCE : Krasnodar
DATE : May 15, 2011

Krasnodar Krai became the leading region for housing construction in Russia with 8.8% of total housing launched in the country, and 9.3 million square meters of housing built in the first quarter of 2011, which exceeds the figures for the same period in 2010.


Russian Prime Minister recently announced plans for upgrading the transportation infrastructure of the Krasnodar Territory which includes major overhaul of all federal highways of the south, a thousand kilometers of new railway lines, plans to launch high-speed railway between Moscow and Adler (Sochi), and build a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

In addition, there're plans to upgrade all southern airports, including Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Sochi, as well as build a new football stadium in Krasnodar and the first in southern Russia IMAX 3D DeLux — largest in Europe.

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Krasnodar development in 2010
SOURCE : Krasnodar
DATE : November 20, 2010

Krasnodar mayor Vladimir Evlanov summed up the socio-economic development of the city in the first 9 months of 2010 and noted positive dynamics for the main indicators of socio-economic development.

The volume of shipped goods of own production, works and services for large and medium industrial enterprises grew by 22%. The average index of industrial production amounted to almost 106%.

A notable trend was the increase in industrial production of concrete — in 1,8 times, structures and components of prefabricated concrete — in 1,4 times, fuel oil — nearly 10%, diesel fuel — almost 7%.

Also increased the volume of housing construction. During the first 9 months of this year there was built 852 thousand square meters of housing in Krasnodar which is 35%, or 222 thousand square meters more than last year.

According to mayor, agricultural enterprises produced and shipped 6,2% more goods than last year. Retail trade turnover increased by 18,4%, including large and medium enterprises — 17,7%.

The volume of transport services increased by 7,5% while telecommunications shown growth rate of 107,7%.

Nominal monthly average wages in large and medium-sized enterprises increased by 12,4% and reached almost 21,000 rubles (US $700).

Registered unemployment in Krasnodar is 0,3%, and since the beginning of the year need for workers grew 54%, concluded Krasnodar mayor.

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Yota begins commercial operation in Krasnodar and Sochi
SOURCE : Yuga, Krasnodar
DATE : May 2, 2010

Yota Yota Krasnodar

After nearly five months of testing the network and signing over 55 thousand users Yota, provider of the first Russian network of Mobile WiMAX access to the Internet began it's operation in Krasnodar and Sochi.

Mobile WiMAX (4G) is a perspective (fourth) generation of mobile communication characterized by high speed and expected to provide ultra-broadband Internet access, gaming services and streamed multimedia to its users.

Yota network is already deployed in Moscow and a few other cities, and the company currently is building 4G networks outside of Russia.

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Krasnodar was rated the best city to do business in Russia
SOURCE : Forbes, Russia
DATE : May 29, 2009

Russian edition of Forbes identified Krasnodar as the best business city in Russia for a second consecutive year in 2008-2009. Magazine experts analyzed the conditions of doing business in the 30 largest cities, with the exception of the country's capital.

Jury evaluated the six groups of indicators: business climate, purchasing power, stability in times of crisis, social characteristics, infrastructure, convenience of doing business for the owners and top management for companies.

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Monument to St. Catherine and the Triumphal Arch, opened in Krasnodar
SOURCE : Yuga, Krasnodar
DATE : April 24, 2009

On April 24 in Krasnodar on Krasnaya and Babushkina streets there was an opening ceremony of the monument of St. Catherine, and the restored Triumphal Arch.


The event was attended by the governor of Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev, mayor Vladimir Yevlanov, as well as leaders of the province and the city of Krasnodar, clergy, representatives of the Cossacks.

"Saint Catherine the Great, pray to God for us. Now we have the opportunity to pay our respect to the image of the heavenly patron of our city and our glorious land " - said governor A. Tkachev at the opening of the monument.

"Dear friends, the residents of the city Ekaterinodar-Krasnodar. We all gathered in the center of town to attend the greatest events - the opening of the monument of St. Catherine. And now we will pass under the restored Triumphal Arch. One hundred and twenty years ago it was built by Ekaterinodar residents, but then the arch was gone. It was therefore decided to restore it to the original sketches and drawings. The glorious traditions of that time live in the hearts and minds of our citizens today. We still have much to do for the return of the historic sights and for the development of our city in the future. Let everyone who passes by the monument, and under the arch will be accompanied by happiness and good luck!" - said the mayor of the city V. Yevlanov.

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Krasnodar airport passenger flow increased by 31% in the first half of 2008
SOURCE : Yug, Krasnodar
DATE : July 12, 2008

The amount of passengers coming through "International Airport Krasnodar" in the period of January-June 2008 increased by 30.8% compared to same period last year, and reached 725 thousands.

In addition, the airport has increased volume of cargo and mail compared to the first half of 2007 by 16% - up to 2 thousand 248 tons.

"International Airport Krasnodar" (Pashkovsky) is one of the largest International airports in Southern Russia and is the main "air gates" to Krasnodar region. It is among the 10 best airports in Russia, and is at 8 spot in the table ranking by the volume of passenger traffic, cargo and mail.

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A "Little Paris" will have it's "Eiffel Tower"
SOURCE : Business Paper. Yug, Krasnodar
DATE : December 11, 2007

A Moscow group of companies "Conti" signed a cooperation agreement with the administration of Krasnodar for a total amount of 100 billion rubles (for comparison: Krasnodar annual budget - 12 billion rubles).

Ltd. "CONTInetn-K" presented eight projects to the city authorities on construction plans under renovation of Krasnodar.

In the area of cinema center "Aurora" "CONTInetn-K" offers to build something like famous "Eiffel Tower" with observation deck and restaurant, while the theater itself would be modernized, and the building's "visor" transformed to host an artificial waterfall. The project is limited to streets Officerskaya, Neftyanikov Highway, and Krasnaya Street.

Project "English Quarters" claims the area between the Dalnyaya Street, Neftyanikov Highway, Officerskaya and Dzerzhinskogo streets, and suggests building in the architectural style of old England - four-five story buildings with shops and cafes on the first floors. The density of buildings - 13.5 thousand square meters per hectare.

The residential complex in the Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya Street area includes erection of large number and variety of buildings with underground parking, children playgrounds and courtyards intended only for pedestrians. The density of buildings - 13.5 thousand square meters per hectare.

For young families "CONTInetn-K" offers to build "Youth Quarters". That would be three and five story buildings intended for the purchase with mortgage. Neighborhood planned to locate near the village of Berezovka. The density of buildings - 10.5 thousand square meters per hectare.

Another project - "French Quarters" claims the territory bounded by streets Kalinina, Kirova, Budennogo, The October Revolution Square, streets Dlinnaya, Chkalov, Kuban embankment, and will be modeled after Paris. It will be five to six story houses with mansards, balconies, shops and cafes on the first floors. The density of buildings - 13.5 thousand square meters per hectare.

Draft complex "Kuban Embankment" plans development between Minskaya Street and the river Kuban, on the territory which currently is an industrial zone. This will be a multifunctional complex of residential buildings, commercial, office, and business centers.

District of "Tramway Depot" along Stavropolskaya Street suggested as commercial and office center. Project "Island" plans to develop territory surrounding lake "Staraya Kuban" (named Leisure Center "Sunny Island"). The density of buildings - 7.5 thousand square meters per hectare. The plan includes low-rise residential complex built with pedestrian paths, canals, bridges, and an office-business complex, which at the signing of the agreement was called "Kuban Manhattan".

The project submitted by the "CONTInetn-K" has not yet been finally approved. Experts will conduct their evaluation, then projects will be considered by the administration, and then, after everything will be formalized, launched. "In my view, each of the projects is interesting and could benefit Krasnodar "- said the mayor Vladimir Evlanov. The head of the regional center did not clarify how the issue would be resolved if the same territory would be claimed by different investors.

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Possibility of a nuclear power plant construction in Krasnodar Krai
SOURCE : Krasnodar Administration
DATE : November 23, 2007

The authorities of Krasnodar Krai do not exclude the possibility of building a nuclear power plant in the region. This is what the Governor Alexander Tkachev said at the ceremony at the start of the construction of a new installation at the Krasnodar Power and Heating Plant. "Not far in the future there're plans for the construction of a nuclear power plant. We are already discussing this issue." - said A. Tkachev.

The region now is one of the most dynamic regions of Russia with actively developing industry, the agricultural complex, resort sector, as well as preparations for the Olympics in 2014. Krasnodar Krai now occupies a leading position in energy consumption in the southern region, and is growing every year at a rate of 8%, Sochi by 20%. At the same time the region now produces only about 35% of electricity it consumes, the remaining 65% comes from the outside.

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Detailed plan of Krasnodar city's center renovation approved by Urban Council
SOURCE : Krasnodar Administration
DATE : November 12, 2007

Kasnodar's Urban Council at the administration of Krasnodar city just approved renovation plan for the central part of the Kuban capital, presented by specialists from St. Petersburg's Urban Institute. This is a product of large and complex work on the development of an integrated plan for development of the city, from the modernization of utilities and transport infrastructure to building of modern residential neighborhoods, and the creation of "historic" neighborhoods, and pedestrian areas in the central part of town. Two years ago a large-scale reconstruction project was launched, but only now, after the adoption of the detailed plan, it moves to a whole new level, and makes it clear how the city will develop over next 10 years.

The choice of the St. Petersburg's Institute for the project did not come about by accident, but from the organization's experience in the reconstruction of one of the best cities in Europe - the capital of Northern Russia St. Petersburg. The project manager told members of Town Planning Board that all history of Krasnodar was taken into account in the creation of the document, and that historical and cultural monuments will be carefully preserved. The plan includes significant expansion of the green zone, the area along the Krasnaya Street that will become mostly pedestrian.

Business center of Krasnodar will be expanded, and sub-centers will be set up in different parts of the city, as well as recreation areas, for example streets along Kuban river. The newly rebuilt center quarters should be a comfortable place to live, with kindergartens, schools, clinics, shops.

A particular problem is engineering infrastructure, worn to the limit. For the stable energy supply center of the city must build 4 new substations, modernize old heat station and two large boilers, create three powerful pumping stations, and a number of sewer reservoirs.

Designers propose drastic measures to modernize the transport scheme is the main streets of Krasnodar, as well as the expansion and construction of the high-speed terrestrial tramway-subway system.

The next stage is public hearings, where citizens of Krasnodar can express views on the document.

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Hilton Hotels in Russia
DATE : September 9, 2007

Hilton Hotels company is planning to open around 70 hotels in Russia within 10 years. The list of top-priority sites for hotels building contains 30 Russian cities including the Russian resort-cities Sochi and Krasnodar. Hilton Hotels has chosen Russia as one of the most perspective directions of the company’s development. The first Hilton hotel in Russia is opening in the Russian capital in the first quarter of 2008. Now the company has been holding active negotiations with investors and seeking partners in Russia for business development.

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Sochi city has been selected to host the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014
DATE : July 4, 2007


The International Olympic Committee elects Sochi as the host city of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014. Sochi 2014 Chief Executive Officer today thanked the International Olympic Committee after winning the race to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. "We are overjoyed! This is one of the most important days in Russia’s history," says an official press release, "Russia will now put its greatest strengths at the service of the Sochi 2014 Games. Sophisticated, ambitious and visionary, Sochi 2014 will truly be a 21st Century Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games".

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Krasnodar temperature hits absolute maximum over the past 100 years
DATE : May 29, 2007

The Southern Federal District in May had the hottest days in more than a century observation period. Krasnodar had highest temperatures recorded on May 23, 2007, when it exceeded maximum of 39 degrees. In general the average temperatures exceeded the climate norm over 5-10 degrees, while temperatures reached 33-38 degrees.

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Krasnodar regional legislature approves governor for another term
DATE : April 23, 2007

Legislators in the Krasnodar Territory in southern Russia approved Governor Alexander Tkachev for another term in office by a unanimous majority at an emergency meeting Monday. On April 10, Tkachev, whose current term expires in March 2009, a year after the presidential elections, asked the president for a vote of confidence. "Fifty-nine MPs voted for Tkachev's candidacy, with a single vote against," a spokesman for the local legislature said. Tkachev has headed the regional administration since 2000, when he won gubernatorial elections by a landslide.

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International Olympic Committee commission begins work in Sochi
DATE : February 18, 2007

Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) arrived in Sochi, located on the south of Krasnodar region, to inspect the preparations of this Black Sea resort for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, which also claimed by Korean and Austrian cities. IOC experts will stay in Sochi for five days, during which they will assess the chances of the Russian city to be the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

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Real income of Russia in 2006 increased by 10%
DATE : January 30, 2007

Real disposable income of the Russian population increased in 2006 by 10.0% compared to 2005, reported Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation.

In nominal compared revenues had increased by 23.5% and averaged for the year 9,911 rubles (370 US dollars) per month.

Average 2006 wages increased by 24.5% (in nominal comparison) to the 2005 and amounted to 10,736 rubles (404 US dollars) per month. In the reality the average monthly salary for the year increased by 13.5%.

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Krasnodar region in 2007 will increase funding for the free medical aid to the population by 19%
DATE : January 25, 2007

Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region at the meeting on Wednesday passed the first reading of the law on the territorial government guarantees for citizens of the Russian Federation of free medical services in the Krasnodar region.

As reported by the deputy head of the Department of Health Administration, in 2007 the province will increase funding for the free services, compared to 2006 at 19% to 21.25 billion rubles (over 800 million US dollars).

He stressed, that for the first time in the program there will be a list of medical services to be provided to citizens free of charge, as well as a list of services to be paid for.

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Stream-TV starts building network in Russia's regions
DATE : January 4, 2007

The company Stream-TV has unveiled plans to build a fiber optic backbone network in Krasnodar. By mid-2008, the company will bring Internet connections to all densely populated districts of Krasnodar (southern Russia) with up to 200,000 apartments.

The network will provide triple-play services. Its bandwidth will be 1 gigabit per second and will be increased if necessary. By the end of 2007 the company expects to connect over 120,000 apartments. Apart from Internet access, subscribers will be offered 60 cable television channels.

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Governor Tkachev: "The events of the past year radically alter the economic life of Kuban"
DATE : January 3, 2007

Governor of the Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev has four main events in 2006, which, in his opinion, fundamentally alter the economic life of the region.

First, Sochi has become an official city candidate for the winter Olympics, in 2014, and the region has launched a federal program of development as winter sports resort.

Secondly, the province won the competition for the infrastructure projects of the National Investment Fund, in particular, the development of designs for the road Krasnodar-Abinsk-Kabardinka.

Thirdly, Krasnodar region won a tender for the creation of special economic zones (resorts) on the territory of Anapa, Gelendjik, Tuapsinski district and Sochi. At the same time, said Tkachev, finalized a decision for a special gaming zone in the border region with the Rostov area. "This means that in the coming years Krasnodar region can attract unprecedented public and private investments," Tkachev said.

According to him, the state invest 195 billion rubles (7.4 billion US dollars) to the Sochi to Olympiad, 60 billion in the construction of a road Krasnodar-Abinsk-Kabardinka, 29 billion in infrastructure of the five special economic zones in the Black Sea coast, and 12 billion in a special gaming zone on the Azov Sea coast.

Private business invest about 120 billion rubles (4.5 billion US dollars) in Sochi, almost 60 billion in the highway, some 150 billion rubles in special recreational zones, and about 60 billion rubles in the proposed Olympic area.

"As a result, the region will be getting new roads, airports, power plants and gas pipelines, modern tourist and sports facilities, and people - thousands of new jobs, " said Tkachev.

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President Putin Approved Gaming Zone on the Border Rostov and Kuban
DATE : January 3, 2007

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on state regulation of activities to organize gambling, and amending some of the previous legislative acts of the Russian Federation", said the Kremlin press service.

The law establishes setting up of four gambling zones in Novosibirsk and Primorsky territories, the Kaliningrad region and the border Rostov region and the Krasnodar region.

The law was passed by the Parliament on December 20th, and approved by the Federation Council on December 27, 2006. The federal law is aimed at establishing a new regime and regulate activities for the organization and gambling. Law provides for the possibility of establishing on the territory of Russia gambling zones, which permits organization and conduct of gambling.

At the same time, the new law establishes the exemption for betting shops and casinos, which can carry out the activity outside gambling zones. Game zones can be established on lands that are not land settlements. Moreover, the land comprising the territories of gambling zones will be provided to interested persons to the ownership or lease. Federal law defined a special procedure for the introduction of the above mechanism.

According to the law, all casinos activities outside of the newly established gambling zones will be completely halted from 1 July 2009. Until June 30, 2009 casinos with a license, which are consistent with the new law, will be able to continue their activities.

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2006 Has Been Successful For The Economy
DATE : January 1, 2007

Head of the Department of Economic Development of Krasnodar region Vitaly Pushkin believes the 2006 was "generally good for the economy of the region."

"We have been able to achieve significant growth, average leading indicators increase investment rating of Krasnodar region. This was the first year of implementation of the priority national projects, that is the first step of transition to a broad-based policy to improve quality of life, social issues, and provide housing for citizens."

According to Pushkin, Krasnodar has become one of the leaders in the implementation of the priority national projects. "At the end of the year, Kuban is the first in Russia in the yield and production of cereals. We increased housing construction by one third, engaged in the reform of health and education," said the department head.

Pushkin also said that much for the economy of the province is yet to come. "We will have to be scheduled to establish special economic zones in the preparation of the company's bid for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, and for the implementation of major investment projects " said official.

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Delegation looking for sponsors
SOURCE : Tallahassee Democrat - Tallahassee, FL, USA
DATE : April 13, 2007

The Tallahassee-Krasnodar Sister City Program is looking for help in hosting a nine-member delegation from Russia expected here next month for medical training. The nine Russians, from Krasnodar's Cardiac and Thoracic Center, are traveling to Tallahassee for free training at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's Heart and Vascular Center. "Vans from car dealerships ... meal tickets from restaurants - (we're looking for) in-kind donations basically at this point," said Michael Chapple, the president of the Tallahassee-Krasnodar Sister City Program. Already, the Park Plaza has donated rooms for the 10 nights the delegation is expected to be in town.

Tallahassee's partnership with Krasnodar began as a peace exchange more than 20 years ago, and was revived last year with the goal of renewing those ties through educational, medical, business and cultural exchanges. The city government isn't paying for the delegation's expenses, but typically the host communities pay for their visitors' needs, said Dinah Hart, the Mayor's Office's liaison to the committee. "It's just an expected part of the sister-city program," Hart said. "They're looking for a lot of different things to help make it a successful trip."

Contact reporter: Julian Pecquet at (850) 599-2307 or

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US city seeks to renew ties with Russian city
DATE : November 28, 2006 AUTHOR : Julian Pecquet, Democrat Staff Writer: TEL: 850-599-2307, E-M:

The first time Tallahassee got involved with Krasnodar, 23 years ago, the effort was spearheaded by a citizens movement hoping to forge peaceful ties with the Soviet city.

Times have changed. Today, Tallahassee's city government has taken the lead in reforging those ties, which have lain dormant since the Soviet Union's fall in the early 1990s. Mayor John Marks visited Russia in September; last month, he approached Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with a request from his Russian contacts to train some of their doctors.

But citizens' involvement remains vital, said Dinah Hart, the Mayor's aide who accompanied him on his recent four-day trip; the city can't be the driving force behind the exchange, under the rules of how sister-city programs operate.

"The mayor will certainly be a strong point on it," Hart said. But "a citizens support committee really needs to be in place to help when these folks come over."

To that end, the city held a meeting Monday afternoon to discuss ways to move forward. Fourteen people showed up: four were part of the original citizens committee; five were ethnic Russians; several were university students. They stopped short of restarting a citizen committee - they're expected to do so soon - but began discussing options for hosting the possible visitors.

Tallahassee Memorial is considering training two surgeons and four nurses for about a week in February, said Catherine Heimbecher, the administrator of the Heart and Vascular Center. Residents already have their own ideas of what they want to do beyond the medical training.

Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya, a professor of Russian at Florida State University, wants to put Tallahasseeans in touch with residents of Krasnodar. "I know people around the world are learning English," she said. But "it's important for us to learn foreign languages."

In Russia, some feel the same way. Jane Shelistova, a school teacher, remembers fondly the days when she and her students were pen pals with Tallahasseeans. "About 14 years ago, we corresponded with students from Sealey Elementary School and would be happy to know how they all are now,: she wrote in an e-mail. "I would like to be of use in helping to establish new ties between both school students and teachers of our cities."

Want to participate? Contact Dinah Hart at 850-891-8181 or

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